Red and white night

Red and white night

Aleksandar Nikolic hall was to the last place filled last night and there weren’t a person not hoping for another win for Crvena Zvezda. Each series comes to an end, including victories for Crvena Zvezda, we all hope that last night's defeat is only and accident and that Crvena Zvezda will win new victories below the competition. 

Thanks to the support of the Management Board of BC Crvena Zvezda we have ensured that you can play application CouchCoach during their matches in the Euroleague.


We thank to the Sport Club and Mr. Vladimir Kuzmanovic who announced this feature in the TV show that preceded the start of the game. Your response was more than excellent, from the moment when Crvena Zvezda in their social networks announced the possibility that during the game you can be the coaches from the couch we recorded large increase of app downloads.

A total of 906 male and female players participated in a game and the first place won Mr. Mladen Hajder from Zemun. Awards will soon be conferred to those who have been placed in the top ten but Mladen will receive prize from the Mr. Dejan Radonjic.

We believe that the you eagerly expect the continuation of the competition and the next game, which will be played in Moscow on Thursday 9 th February, when you have a new chance to be the coach from the couch.